Align Your Organization’s Social Profiles with your Overall Brand

When I shared tips and tricks for refreshing your personal LinkedIn profile back in December and January, did you get a chance to update it?  If not, now is another great time to do so, as routine maintenance is equally essential for organizations.  At Talent by 360, we refresh our corporate social media profiles on a biannual basis—every spring and fall.  

We ascribe to the philosophy that corporate social media accounts should serve to drive awareness, knowledge and liking for brands among leads and your target audience on the path to purchase.  Regardless of the channel—Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter—our two-step process is simple and straightforward.   



Whether you use a consolidation platform or not, each social media outlet provides every organization/creator account with easily accessible data (links below) on the performance of your corporate profile.  

Here at Talent by 36o, we are self proclaimed branding “mathletes,” who love digging into the numbers. Some of us look at this data daily, some weekly and perhaps others monthly.  Most often, we are looking at it to inform our content strategy.  It can also be used to assist in updating, or refreshing, the organization’s profile.  

  • What, if anything, about your most successful content can and should be added to your profile?
  • What, if anything, about your least successful content can and should be removed from your profile?

A few tips:

  • Add calendar invites to remember to evaluate the data, and set up rules to have the platforms email this information to you automatically.  By setting aside time on a systematic basis, it’s less likely to fall through the cracks.
  • Identify the day of the week and times of day your target audience is most engaged, which may differ among channels.
  • Accelerate engagement by cross-sharing posts between your organization and personal profiles.
  • Once you understand what works, set goals for incremental improvements.



Make sure to have on hand (and familiarize yourself with):

  • data collected
  • brand guidelines, particularly any recent evolutions
  • summary of active campaigns
  • channel-specific strategy guidelines 
  • new profile features  

Address your updates by focusing on one channel at a time before moving onto the next one.  Make all minor updates along the way.  Aggregate major updates, as well as those requiring further consideration, to be considered alongside each other and in consultation with the Social team.

A few tips:

  • At Talent by 360, we use a checklist to stay organized in this process,
  • Refresh your About Us section to align with your 3-5 year strategic plan.
  • Double-check your contact information.  We often see profiles with outdated websites, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • Brand marketers love to refresh logos, colors, and imagery - is yours up to date?


Elevate Your Team with Talent by 360.  Our services define, elevate, and transform professional brands.  We are experts in retaining personnel, navigating organizational change, and elevating professional visibility to transform organization reputations, fuel innovation, and accelerate growth.


Is it time to refresh your business's social media profiles and ensure your employees personal branding helps solidify their role as organizational brand ambassadors?

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