3 Key Strategies for Building Loyalty

As a recent HBR article points out, “When employees are loyal, both they and their organizations benefit. Loyal employees tend to have stronger bonds with others because of loyalty’s ‘binding effect.’ These strong bonds are important for cooperation and the pursuit of shared organizational goals.”  

While there are a variety of means and methods to engender loyalty among team members,  Talent by 360 Advisors advocate starting with these three key strategies:

Support Individual Brand Development

Research by Kristie Rogers, an associate professor of management in the College of Business Administration at Marquette University, shows that “employees’ need for respect is universal. The impulse to improve is at least as strong as our basic physical needs... Employees are more likely to feel committed to an employer that enables them to flourish and progress.” 

In addition to professional development, additional means of supporting individual brand development can include offering assistance with the following:

  • Social media optimization, including going beyond the LinkedIn profile basics
  • Executive biography development to support speaking engagement proposals, board appointments, and new business development pursuits

Foster Connection & Collaboration

“Seeking out ways to collaborate rather than compete with coworkers can increase the chances of behaving ethically,” say behavior experts Zachariah Berry, Neil Lewis, Jr., and Walter Sowden. “Be mindful of the subtle ways in which unhealthy competition may be bred in your organization.”  

In addition to building and maintaining a culture of gratitude & respect, additional means of fostering connection and collaboration may include: 

  • Conducting stay interviews 
  • Fostering workplace friendships
  • Hosting social activities oriented to shared interests

Remove Barriers

Lucas Pols, the founder of Spark xyz, posits, “As a leader, it should be my job to help my associates serve the customer better. How do we accomplish this? We do it by removing barriers facing our employees, showing empathy in our leadership style, being committed, selfless, willing to sacrifice our own wants and needs, and, most importantly, by being an incredible listener.” 

Removing barriers means: 

  • Helping limit time wasters, which might include automating and/or delegating low-value tasks
  • Providing software, hardware, and other types of solutions that will increase productivity   
  • Granting increased access and authority to streamline the process 

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