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We exclusively partner with value-driven, innovative organizations seeking to recruit ideal C-Suite executives, often to level-up. 

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)

CEO searches are most often confidential, and a speciality for 360.  We leverage our unique processes and systems to allow the utmost discretion for clients.  In fact in 2022, 75-percent of our searches were conducted confidentially.  

From interviewing thousands of CEO candidates, we have found that what separates great from exceptional candidates is a combination of:

  • executive leadership style,
  • ability to create a transformative culture internally, and
  • proactive, externally-facing engagement. 


Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) & Chief Growth Officers (CGOs)

Consumer driven businesses fueled by innovation require strategic, visionary and dynamic CMOs. With a dedication to consumers and customers, these leaders balance brand positioning with product innovation, geographic distribution, pricing strategies, and promotional opportunities across touchpoints, while simultaneously managing the full profit and loss statement.

At 360, we have specific expertise in recruiting CGOs, including the identification, engagement, assessment, and negotiation of their unique compensation models.  As consumer products companies have shifted from historically B2B distribution through warehouse and direct-store-distribution to B2B2C and B2C models, we are keenly aware of the rise in popularity of CGOs. With their eye on future trends and data, CGOs must manage consumer demand by both acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers, and they must be able to do this primarily through digital channels. Sometimes known colloquially as “growth hackers,” these experts optimize, spend and measure the immediate return on investment impact. 


Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) & Controllers

At 360, we have found that talented CFO candidates don’t always follow the traditional controllership path. Often those with greater Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) have the necessary understanding of accounting to inspire innovative solutions and drive strategic revenue growth.  Similar to CMOs, financial officers must have an exceptional understanding of data infrastructure, its dependencies across departments, and the technology systems to ensure accurate information.  And like COOs, CFO’s often wear multiple hats.  They may have responsibility for marketing, human resources, and operations.


Chief Operations Officers (COOs)

At 360, we know COOs tend to be linear, systematic thinkers who lead teams by providing vision, resources, and tools, and also removing barriers.  They are often called upon to build out last-mile delivery mechanisms, procure unique ingredients, create paths to accelerate sales, and optimize yield.

We also know COOs are defined differently across industry sectors. In some industries—such as technology and manufacturing—COOs are more commonly associated with sales delivery and general management.  Meanwhile, COOs in professional services and healthcare firms typically focus exclusively on internal process design.  They may be synonymous with Chief-of-Staff and CSOs or, in the case of law firms, hold the top administrative role (equivalent to an Executive Director) and oversee the CMO, CHRO and even CFO. Regardless of the industry, we are extremely well-versed in successfully recruit top operations leaders.


Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs) & Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs)

At 360, we are passionate about leveraging technology to advance processes and deliver value.  We actively seek clients who desire to be more efficient, leverage signal processing automation, and better optimize their technology infrastructure.  We particularly well with clients who seek to align strategic plans with data architecture in order to deliver internal and external value, insights, and reports.  For these reasons and more, we are extremely well-suited to CTO, CIO, and CISO searches.

Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs)

During the COVID19 pandemic, many executives reexamined the various components of their lives, and began to place greater priority on the culture of their organizations.  Meanwhile, global professional services firms, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, and consumer products organizations were forced to reevaluate their corporate culture with the goal of attracting new and retaining existing employees.  Underutilized CHROs were given seats at the table and afforded the respect, resources, and support necessary to ensure the viability of the organizations they served. 

The team at 360 has always known the value of CHROs.  Our placements routinely overhaul policies, restructure total rewards, improve technology adherence, align values with actions, transform recruitment, advance diversity and inclusion, and integrate a people-centric mindset into the organizations they serve.


Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs)

CCOs are responsible for enterprise risk management, and as such, are deeply knowledgeable about regulations, including the more than 14,000 new regulations launched each year.  While the primary role of CCOs is to ensure compliance with internal and external policies, bylaws, and government regulations, our team at 360 has found that the best CCOs are those who also help advance business objectives in creative ways, without crossing any bright lines.  More than 50-percent of those we have recruited earned their juris doctorate degrees. While they have industry-specific knowledge, they are also experts in regulatory (geography and industry specific), data (cybersecurity), financial (anti-money laundering, offshore tax strategies), and health/safety (HIPAA) regulations.

Chief Medical Officers & Physician Executives 

At 360, we know the recruitment of physician executives—Chief Medical Officers, Chairs, Directors, Deans or Chiefs—requires a unique approach.  We are highly experienced in recruiting leaders across disciplines, including those focused on research, clinical, and education.  Within research, we have unique processes and skills to identify those who hold transferrable NIH and DOD grants, and understand the impact their research has on the field.  The specialty areas with which we have extensive prior experience includes: cardiology, gastroenterology, pulmonary, rheumatology, surgery, oncology, neonatology, internal medicine/pediatrics, medical genetics, emergency medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pathology, and psychology, caring for adult and pediatric patients.


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